Friday, May 22, 2009

What am I DOing?

So, I'm minimally competent technologically and adrift on the sea of the world wide web. I've been having a wonderful time giving bloggers a bad time and posting on message boards after a fairly extensive trip into chatrooms. So why stick my neck out and blog on my own? How risky is it? Who's gonna pay any attention to me? (With THAT thought, maybe the risk element isn't that great after all). Well, occasionally things come up that I want to talk about and I don't really have an appropriate vehicle to do so. Therefore I launch this bird and see how it flies.

My concerns, at least to start, will deal with faith and community, primarily in a Quaker setting, with special interest in convergence, renewal and youth ministry.


  1. You gotz yourself a blog! Good for you. I'd think that in addition to Quaker stuff, you could get a lot of writing mileage out of renovating a 117 year old house!

    I just mentioned you in my most recent blog post, with a link; I'm sure my *huge* readership will get you six, seven hits :)

  2. I "could get writing mileage..."
    Gentle reader, THIS was written by a professional, an educator even, at university level yet, and she doesn't seem to know that writing is not something done for pleasure, it's an exercise in masochism.

  3. Writing is masochism!? I weep for you.

    Nate, you need to enroll in a semester or two at BVU. Not to brag, but I can get most writing-resistant students *excited* about an essay topic and revision. They really don't pay me enough....

    If you want a good read about writing, pick up Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott. Inspiring and funny -- with chapter titles like "Shitty First Drafts," you know it's user-friendly.