Monday, June 1, 2009

"The Truth Project," Tour 1

In the introduction Del Tackett says that the goal is to transform us through an encounter with God, and the transformation should make us a world changer. That is a worthy purpose when most of us are somewhat less than avid in our application of our beliefs in our lives and in our contacts with others. I would like to have seen something about "be the change you want to see," but a spark is struck here.
The first "tour" is about the question, "What is Truth." Del starts by asking why Jesus came to earth, and for his purpose will accept only the answer given in one verse, "to testify to the truth." Good answer. Not the only one though, and I kind of see a tone being set in which the lesson is held to a narrow scope, but Del only has 45 minutes to get his point across, so let that go. The basis for the series of "tours" is set when Del says that there is no area of life in which God has not spoken, therefore making "revealed truth" the focus. The theme of the series is also set as Del indicates that "the world" has set itself up against the truth of God, making it a case of them against us. I have some serious trouble with that since "us" is nowhere near monolithic on some of the issues covered, but I guess that would be explained by indicating that those who don't toe the line are not really "believers." Truth is defined as that which corresponds to reality. Fine. The problem is that there are sometimes disconnects between "revealed truth" and "observed truth," and Del does not note in any way that there can be any reaction to that disconnect other than refusing to acknowledge "observed truth." The possibility that observed truth is "reality" makes it imperative that we be in a position to acknowledge that our understanding of "revealed truth" is in error, somewhat in the manner of the adjustments made to the church's teaching after Galileo. The idea that "now we see in a glass darkly" appears to be anathema to Del's worldview as he appears to be in the business of absolutes. There is a lot to be said about "the world" setting itself up against the things of God, but it isn't as clear cut as Del would have it...... on either side.

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  1. Checking back on the 'net a little more thoroughly thanks to Hackman's Musings coverage Which has a good analysis in two parts of "Tour 1" and which also provided some very useful links to critical analysis in the blogosphere. I will follow Peggy's advice about making my own comments, but I will also refer to some blogs that look like they have more detailed thoughts and/or different and interesting views by Christians on the "Tour" being looked at. For those interested, Hackman's links are at the end of the blog post

  2. This is not a Quaker text, correct, althouth your meeting is reading it? You mentioned Observed Truth, but also what about continuing Revelation?

  3. This is actually a video presentations series, and yes, Evangelical branch seems to be much more likely to use materiel from outside Quaker tradition. I approve, but then I'd like to see more use of materiels from within the tradition and related traditions such as Mennonite.
    Continuing revelation is one of those points I'm going to have to comment about, thanks for the reminder.