Saturday, June 13, 2009

"The Truth Project" Union with God

Unio Mystica is the focus of this "tour" and it is almost entirely well handled from short study on union between man and wife to a fairly intense study of the union between God and man. One of the elements of the union of God and man discussed is the nature and extent of the change this makes in a man, but no mention of the application of this union in guidance by the Spirit for the individual's life, apart from an indication that he will be more willing to follow the "rules." To me this seems like a glaring, if not unexpected shortcoming.
Del goes on to an exposition of teaching on the desired unity of the church with it's many members, each with particular abilities and....... ooops, Del uses the word "roles" and I would prefer to see "jobs," or "duties," or best of all, "functions." Why? Because "role" seems to me to emphasize structure as opposed to the stuff that needs to be done, and emphasizing structure seems to me to tend toward valuing one function over others. Maybe I'm nit-picking, and the point is made that there are several things that we are to do for "one another."
Del then goes on to ask what keeps us from unity and proceeds to discuss what he calls a "hunger for significance" that is part of how God made us, explaining the need for approval or esteem by men as a misdirection or even a perversion of this need. This is seen in Jesus' teaching about people who do things "to be seen of men" and how that is all the reward they will receive. I think this is an area that those in leadership positions need to be particularly careful about. The ultimate perversion is jealousy of the esteem in which others are held, viz. Saul's jealousy of David. Del doesn't use the term, but I see the difference as a need to be of value as opposed to a desire to be recognized, but the point is well made that "God has made us for Himself and our hearts are restless until we find our rest in Him."
A few points for development in discussion, but overall an outstanding lesson.

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