Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Truth Project: The American Experiment

What better time to write about the noble vision of government extolled in this "tour" than the holiday celebrating the launching of the government later refined to that "experiment?"
At the beginning of the lesson, Del states that he is not going to "cast stones" at unbelievers, presumably for throwing the noble plan off track...... good thing. But then he flings one at "liberals" in our education system who "hate America," using the "big lie" technique of simply stating it without analysis, just one blatant example of the political bias that pervades the series. Del goes into quite a bit of detail about how education in the colonies and early states was founded on religion........and morality. True enough, but Del seems to think that morality follows from religion just because it teaches it, and history shows us that nominally religious societies may perform the most blatant abuses of religion. This whole line of thought looks like a red herring to me. This country lost any claim to moral leadership when greed developed the horrible abuses of slavery and the exploitation of the poor in the industrial North; the same sort of predatory business plans that drive Microsoft and Walmart just to name two of the most blatant. I don't see Del addressing this issue at all. Wow, I just took time out to see what I could find on the 'net about this and here is an interesting sentence: "It seems to me that the emphasis in these quotes (about religion and morality) is not necessarily on Christianity, but on fostering virtue." This from as part of an extensive review of The Truth Project, and clearly one I will want to check out more completely. The whole point of my review is that Del places blame for failure of any "vision" for America squarely where it does NOT belong, and does not accept responsibility as representative of religious instruction for the failure of mainstream Christianity to teach and hold its members accountable for a living faith demonstrably working in our lives.

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