Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Truth Project: Community and involvement

At LAST! My coverage of the series comes full circle, and Del presents essentially what I originally stated was the essence of a "Christian worldview:" God loves everyone, we should try to be like God in this. Perhaps the best illustration is the interview with the tattoo artist who has been quoted throughout the series and who has presented views hostile to standard perceptions of Christian values. Del states that everyone has a story and learn about the background of this person who suffered childhood abuse and a very difficult life but whose answer to "What breaks your heart?" is a list of very human, very much shared pain in his life. Del makes a very good point about how we all tend to treat those who are different, and makes the point personal. He also calls for us to "study, understand and engage the culture."
A point I think needs further development is that such a study and understanding to be effective should not be from a basis of hostility to cultural phenomena, but with questions concerning how effective they are in helping us live lives of value. Conspicuously absent from consideration is our response to the marginalization of the gay community and how that would fit into a "Christian worldview." Well, that one would be a hot potato these days, and might just take a whole series on its own.

SO...... what conclusion do I draw on the effeciveness and value of the series? Production values are great and the topics covered are engaging and useful to consider, but the whole production is seriously flawed by a politically conservative mindset and a VERY narrow perception of God's revelation to us. Both attributes continue the confrontational style and polarization of perceptions that have made high profile evangelical leadership over the last half century or so an epic FAIL, something younger evangelicals seem to be learning as nearly a third of them responded to Obama's call for constructive dialogue in our last election.
If your group is considering presenting this series, I would recommend that topics for discussion be presented at the beginning of each "tour" rather than just leaving discussion open to responses not considered in depth.
I note that Del is following up this seroies with one directed towards youth. This one will be well worth checking into.

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